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Now that my premium membership has expired, and that the merchants have invaded the temple, you will have to pay for me to remain an active DA member.

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I've been watching Aldnoah Zero, Jojo's bizarre adventure, Akatsuki no Yona, Death Parade, Cross Ange, Dog Days and Absolute Duo.

Aldnoah Zero is simply too good for this anime season, which in my opinion will go down in history as utterly forgettable. It's one of the anime you must watch before you kick the bucket (even if you hate mecha) and I won't even attempt to describe this magical mix of space opera, teen romance and cybernetics. 8/10.

Jotaro. Hilariously unlike what we expect from Japanese animation.

Akatsuki... there are times when I'm really thrilled watching this light mix of action, romance and fantasy but I seem to notice that I always end up 3 episodes behind.

If you think this anime season had anything worthwhile I'd like to hear about it, I mean let's face it, the above 3 started in the fall, the rest isn't top stuff.

Death Parade is good but they aren't trying hard enough. It's just too convened and predictable, one of these series were you can skip 5-6 episodes in the middle without losing track of the overall plot. Some anime just fit too well into (rather, misinterpret) the serial format.

Yes, there is Parasite. Also started last year. And Tokyo Ghoul maybe; not really my thing, sorry. And we did have another instalment of Monogatari but that was during the new year.

Cross Ange isn't exactly a good anime. It's awkwardly stroked and shaded, crudely written... however, nnnhh, to a point it epitomises much of what constitutes anime culture/garbage, so I always... look forward to the next instalment

I mean, dat spanking scene. 10/10

In case you haven't noticed, I'm putting the best ones on top. So why is Dog Days behind Cross-Ange? Well, Dog Days is a heartwarming piece and I really enjoyed series one and two, although, production value seems to increase counter-linearly to my interest in the thing. Heartwarming because it's an anime that entertains without developing critical, life threatening situations (yes, there is fan service).
They reason wisely about war and peace and created a utopia that humans (barbaric, aggressive race), will need another 10,000 years to approach. Problem is, it's too mild 6/10. In other words I've been sustaining the mindset of a non-precocious pre-preteen for 30 eps I'm like if they do ''' I will reach Buddhahood.

I have to say, this little moronhead who loves everybody and goes around patting dog princesses, there is a weird kind of twistedly tender humour in the thing, just not enough to keep three seasons alive

Absolute Duo is... SIGH. Why am I even watching this crap?

Other than that, spent way too much time playing Boom Beach even tough it's got all these timers and cooldowns which is basically a good thing otherwise I wouldn't be writing journals anymore. Yea doesn't get much more mainstream than this but never have I seen so much strategy compressed into 3 minutes of gameplay, and to think that a RTS even made it to the top of the app store. And it's free? OMG.

Not free at all, Joe Dever's Lone Wolf has been fun so far - This is an uber-polished game-book with an excellent battle system and decent CG (yes... a game-book with realtime CG, on the iPad...). Having said that, I seem to recall that the first installment cost me $8, and the asking price for chapter II-IV is at $14. Kinda steep.

On this note, just to reiterate that I got a shooting-the-brz-tumblr, where I enjoy posting stills and junk.

Working on a Unity Asset for semi-procedural content creation but I won't get into this shit today.

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