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So, I'm sure you guys are dying to know what I cooked for Christmas so don't die hang on 'ere I will explain.

I purchased potatoes, pak choi, two decent chunks of non-lean pork meat, and about 200g of salmon and 100g of bacon and cheap white wine and some other stuff I forgot about like I got butter and olive oil and a little leftover of cream at home. Yes! All this fatty stuff.

And we got some french style white bread (a bit like baguette but softer since we are in Taiwan, and I'm saying this but it was french bread from Carrefour, very few local bakeries  can beat this).

The main thing

So I peeled 3 potatoes and 1 carrot and cut them like 3 times. And 1 onion and a half-ish. Dump this in ~1.5 liter of water and I added two generous spoons of dark miso paste and maybe 3 generous spoons of thick soy sauce like you will have trouble finding out of Asia but you can use any soy sauce you want.
And I also dropped a couple of leaves of something but never mind.
And the two chunks of meat in there also.
And a half-spoon of sesame soil.
And 4 button mushrooms.

I did this first because we started cooking at 10.30pm and it needs time, it's a stew.

The starters

Since we were definitionally starving at around 11pm, I decided to prepare snacks.

Where did the bacon go?

I made two hot tartines consisting in stir fried minced button mushrooms and pak choi (not much pak choi or it will taste weird!).
I stir fried them in olive oil and when I was done warmed the bread with the mixture and the bacon and some grated cheese on top. Lid on for a couple of minutes, slow fire.
I used about 10g of bacon, like, two thin slices. Bacon here is more similar to smoked ham so I guess either cooked ham, bacon sticks or similar will do.

It was delicious.

Where did the salmon go?

I made four hot tartines with salmon. Since 2 were more successful I'll skip the others.
I used this non-descript green leaf (don't use spinach! be creative!) and felt worried because I found it bitter-ish when stir-frying but it came out fine.
The salmon. Well, I whitened it like 20 seconds in my frying pan, with half a spoon of white wine and maybe some butter in the pan (it's non-stick anyways). Then I drizzled cream on top and I warmed the bread like I did before

But this time I finished cooking the salmon on top of the bread, NOT directly in contact with the frying pan. Good idea too as it wasn't over-cooked, not even under-cooked. In short, perfect cooking method for a thickish salmon slice.

I used about 40g of salmon.

Don't try this at home

Just kidding it's easy and doesn't require much skill but for kids reading this don't play around with hot pots and pans, ask a grown up to help you out with these.

We got half a big pot of stew leftover and just kinda scratched the bacon and salmon and still got lots veggies so we'll be celebrating tomorrow, the day after and the day after.

Feeling very full and very happy, which is how Christmas is supposed to be.

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